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Timothy C. Lethbridge: Brief Biography

I am a of dual Canadian and British citizenship, having immigrated to Canada in 1975. I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick in 1985 and an MsC(CS) from the same University in 1987. While in New Brunswick I worked for the Government of New Brunswick (Data processing division) on a variety of projects, both as a Co-op student and later as a consultant. My master's thesis was entitled "Perceived Animate Motion by Deterministic Rules of Inter-Object Behaviour" - it was an early work in what is today called Artificial Life. While writing my MSc thesis I taught university courses in Fortran programming and Interactive Computing.

From 1987 to 1989 I worked at Nortel (then called Bell-Northern Research) in Ottawa, where I designed database applications in the CAD group.

From 1989 to 1994, I worked on my PhD (see below) at the University of Ottawa. This was funded by an NSERC Scholarship as well as consulting contracts (with BNR, and Boeing Aircraft Corporation) and teaching. After defending my thesis, in November 1994, I worked at the University of Ottawa as an Assistant Professor.

Since 1991, at the University of Ottawa, I have taught courses in Object Orientation, Software Engineering, Software Evolution and User Interfaces. Most of my work until 1997 was with the Institute for Government Informatics Professionals, a program whereby our department upgrades the education of computing professionals.

My research has focused on systems to help people manipulate complex information and on software engineering education. I have done research with Mitel Corporation, QNX Corporation and IBM Canada. I have been a full professor since May 2005, and served a term as Acting Associate Dean, starting in January 2005.

I published the textbook Object Oriented Software Engineering: Practical Software Development Using UML and Java, in its second edition as of 2005. I also was a leader in the development of the Software Engineering 2004 curriculum, sponsored by the IEEE and ACM.

I have opinions about a number of public issues.

You can look at my full curriculum vitae and OCGS format (last 7 years only). Note that I do not always have time to update these in as timely manner as I would like, so if you want a more up to date version, please email me. My full list of publications is also online in html format.


Personal Interests

My personal interests include:

I live in the Country Place area of Ottawa (see also Country Place in Wikipedia), with my wife Tamara and three children.

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