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Tim Lethbridge's Early Canadian Background

I immigrated to Canada from England in December 1975 with my Family. We moved because my father, a doctor, was not happy with the British medical system.

We settled in Bathurst, New Brunswick, and I attended Bathurst High School. While there I won several prizes for science fair projects. In 1980, I constructed an electronic circuit to play the game MasterMind, and attended the Canada Wide Science Fair in Thompson, Manitoba. The following year, I completed a four-year study of the weather of Bathurst and won a prize at the CWSF in Waterloo, Ontario. The prize was a trip to BNR: The visit led to my interest in that company and my eventual employment there.

Also at Bathurst High School I became involved in theatre, radio production and television production. I was a member of the Bathurst Swim Team.

I left Bathurst to attend university in 1981.

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