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Tim Lethbridge's British Background

I was born in London in 1963

When I was about 3, I moved to the Village of Denmead (see also in Wikipedia) near Portsmouth (on the south coast). I attended St. John's College, Southsea where I was strongly influenced by several excellent teachers such as Benedict MacKay (later headmaster of St. Swithin's School) and Mr. Mears.

My late grandfather, Fred FitzGerald Lydon, stimulated by interest in technical things at an early age by giving me electronic kits. My first exposure to computers was during long walks with my father, Richard.

My fondest memories of England are of Eastbourne and Seaford where I used to spend the holidays, and where I still occasionally visit. I also have relatives in other parts of England and Scotland.

Even though I left England to move to Canada at the age of 12, I still have a slight British accent.

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