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Tim Lethbridge's Recreational Interests

During the period of my work at BNR and my PhD studies, I became involved in several recreational persuits. Many of these I have continued.

  • In the late 1980's I ran in several marathons (including the National Capital Marathon), my best time being 3:11.

  • I have skied many times in the Canadian Ski Marathon (a 2-day, 170km) cross-country ski event.

  • I went on many hiking, cycling, canoeing and cross-country skiiing events with the Ottawa Outing Club. Most memorable of these were trips to Temagami.

  • I have been involved with the Ottawa Hostel Outdoor Club as both a participant and leader. This is a non-profit group that organizes hiking, canoeing and skiiing trips. Most trips are in Gatineau park, with a few being further afield.

My favourite outdoor passtime remains mountain hiking. Whenever I encounter a mountain that is climbable without technical equipment, I cannot resist the urge to go to the top. I especially enjoy the Rockies, but the Adirtondacks are nearest.

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