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Possible undergraduate projects with Prof. Timothy C. Lethbridge

I will take a limited number of students interested in doing undergraduate projects with me in CSI4900 and SEG4910/4911. In general I prefer students to work in groups of two or more on my projects.

This semester I am actually in charge of one section of SEG4910/4911. The website is here.

Note that I tend to get large numbers of requests to be students on my projects, so normally I will wait and take the applicants I think wiill do the best job. When you apply, please send a list of your grades in CSI and SEG courses, and information about any other experience you have.

The following are some current project ideas:

  • Developing extensions to the Umple language: Umple adds UML constructs as a layer above Java, PHP and Ruby. Several grad students are working on this, however there are plenty of features to implement. A specific list of potential projects is here.I am also interested in students dDeveloping test applications in Umple. In particular, I would like to have a group develop decent-sized applications in Umple, so we can thoroughly test its effectiveness, and learn what extensions are needed (this is issue 97 in the above list). .