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SEG2105: Introduction to Software Engineering

This page contains general information about the course SEG2105 (September 2014), taught by Prof. Tim Lethbridge.. I have taught this course about 28 times since 1991. It formerly was offered under codes SEG2100, SEG3300 and CSI3111.

Material on this page applies equally to section A and sectin B.


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Current important notes

Textbook:Please check out the web site of our textbook for the course: Object Oriented Software Engineering: Practical Software Development using UML and Java, 2nd edition. This book will be available this year at the campus bookstore. Note that making copies of any book is a violation of the law (such copies will not be allowed in the midterm or exam) If you want to find a cheap version of the book, you may be able to buy a used copy from a student who took the course previously. Do not get the first edition, as it is out of date.

Emails: Once class starts, you will be responsible for knowing all the administrative information sent to the class by email. If you don't get class emails because you have a problem with your email account, you are responsible for fixing that problem. If, for example, you miss an assignment etc. because you didn't know about it, you will get zero. Sorry to be so blunt, but we have had a lot of trouble about this in the past. I send all emails to the email list set up by the university; I cannot change that list, and I will ignore any bounces.

Late registration and missed assignments: If you register late and miss the first assignment, then the lowest of your subsequent assignment marks will be applied to assignment 1. Doing anything else would not be fair to all the other students who have worked hard on the first assignment. If you miss any other assignment, then you will get zero for it, unless you have a medical or compassionate excuse, in which case your average assignment mark will be applied for that assignment.


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