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Timothy C. Lethbridge: Research Interests

Over the years I have conducted research in several areas. These are outlined below.

You may see my publications page for details of all the research publications I have written.

My presentations page shows many of the presentations I have given at conferences and workshops.


I have supervised a large number of Masters and PhD students over the years. Click here to see of their theses. If you are interested in becoming a new graduate student under my supervision, you should click here.


My research in reverse chronological order

2007-ongoing: Complexity Reduction in Software Engineering (CRuiSE). The focus, in particular is on the Umple technology.

1996-ongoing: Software engineering education. This work is intermittent now, and intersects with the above.

1985-2007 - Knowledge Based Reverse Engineering (kbre) group

1999-2004: PhD Thesis research into knowledge management

1985-1987: Masters research into computer animation using behaviour functions


My ACM Computing Classification areas of research are:


The Community of Science maintains an additional profile of my research.

DBLP Lists a subset of my papers.

I have one outstanding patent application entitled Systems, Method and Computer Program Products for Tracking and Viewing Changes to Information Stored in a Data Structure.


Affiliated research

Here is a list of other researchers conducting software engineering research in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Ottawa.

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